Márcio Seno School

Elementary and High School

Established in 1987, the School is named after Márcio Seno, a former FERBASA director, dear friend and colleague of José Carvalho at the Escola de Minas de Ouro Preto.

Deceased in 1986, for almost three decades Márcio Seno distinguished his career at FERBASA through his unic leadership spirit and his outstanding concern with the Company´s longevity, and was one of those responsible for pioneering the beginning of its mining activities, in the counties of Campo Formoso and Andorinha, when it still was a small village with few inhabitants.

By the occasion of his friend’s death, José Carvalho wrote:

“...You, Márcio, reached those wonderful plateaus, only idealized in dorms and school benches. You have loved and were loved. You gave of yourself and made a legion of friends. You worked, made plans, and persevered, surrounding yourself with a team of great professionals who have always respected. Your FERBASA turned out to be larger and stronger than any of us imagined it could be. And do not doubt it! Even your ore-transporting balloon will work one day. The idea has a trace of your geniality. I have had the privilege of being your best friend, with an impressive list of titles: philosophical consultant, best man, faithful bar companion, a friend twice-over and brother in affinity.”

Currently, the School offers regular education, from Elementary to the final year of High School. The 331 attendant students each year are from Andorinha, BA or from other nearby villages all of them part of a region seriously affected by drought, a situation that brings more challenges to the educational programs of these localities.

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