The Vision of the
José Carvalho Foundation

Humanistic Thought

We believe in the ability of our children and youth to promote vital changes in society basis, at the action concrete level, by stimulating the identification of the individual with his neighbor, without paternalism, protectionism, or any other form of vertical imposition; our conception goes beyond doing good to those less favored, encouraging a real perception about collective problems and a sense of a deep commitment to well-being of humanity, from the shared present to the future we will transmit to the upcoming generations.

Educacional Project

Our teaching and learning process is based on the assumption that the individual builds knowledge by interacting with others and with his historical, social, and cultural contexts. In this perspective, the Foundation’s educational projects seek to integrate conceptual, procedural, and attitudinal contents and through an education based in human values, aiming to develop students´skills and competences required to prepare them for the challenges of contemporary world.

“The only way to redistribute income in this Country is to place great teachers in the poorest places, because they will be very strong agents of change. If there is no education, we will have nothing.”